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2015 Designer Resolutions

Posted by on January 7, 2015 in Trends

People can change. At least that’s what we hope when we ring in to the New Year with a laundry list of resolutions. I’m not immune to self improvement either, although my commitment period is about two solid weeks followed by a 50 week relapse. This year, for example, I resolved to be more resolute (a meta goal that has me convinced I can run a half marathon), to write more thank-you notes (stamps are expensive, though), and to drink more pink Champagne (already achieved!).


While my personal goals may seem lofty, some of our designer friends also set out this year with their own goals and things they hope will stay in 2014 (Warning: a lot of cronut hate, here). We spoke to a few of them to see what plans they have for 2015.

michael-suomi22-Michael Suomi, principal, Stonehill & Taylor

2015 design resolution: To try and look again at the world the way a child does, where everything holds surprise and wonder.
Trends to watch for in 2015: We will be seeing more micro-room and shared-room hotel brands and independents launched in 2015 due to the strengthening real-estate markets and a better understanding of what today’s younger travelers value.
Trends that are over: Cronuts, which actually started in 2013 and I can’t believe they are still alive in 2015. And that weird resurgence of jewel tones!

JoshHeldJosh Held, president, Josh Held Design

2015 design resolution: To get out of the internet, design-world bubble and look for inspiration in the worlds of science, invention, thought, live events, and experience. In 2015, I want to use 15 things in a way that has never been done before.
Trends to watch for in 2015: We’re moving past the limits of tech in a lot of ways and coming back to the appreciation of honed skill, technique, and craft. Too much looks the same because the same tools are used to make things in similar ways. We run the risk of losing depth of concept and true original creativity. I’m looking forward to discovery and invention.
Trends that are over: The cronut, apothecary/mixology bars, and twerking!

ljoliet-hi-3191Nicole Hollis, principal and creative director, NICOLEHOLLIS

2015 design resolution: More time drawing and sketching and reading; less screen time. And growing our new hospitality studio.
Trends to watch for in 2015: Handmade one-off designs by craftsman and artists
Trends that are over: I would hope to see less “stuff” and more open space and light in hotel interiors.

Nick-DomitrovichNick Domitrovich, interior designer, ICRAVE

2015 design resolution: In 2014, I attended Burning Man for the first time, and it altered my perception of what design can be. In 2015, I resolve to use this new awareness and push myself beyond my comfort zone both directly in my designs and indirectly in my everyday life.
Trends to watch for in 2015: As 3D printing technology continues to advance and become more affordable, we are going to see more and more ideas become actual realities and used more in mainstream design. We have just begun to scrape the surface of what is possible.
Trends that are over: I hope the idea of “trends” has come and gone and that designers instead push themselves to find unique design solutions for each unique design problem.

IMG_9328-reduced[1]Tory Knoph, interior designer, Stonehill & Taylor 

2015 design resolution: To pay more attention to the details within the spaces we design, something that would be unexpected. Now more than ever people are truly starting to understand and appreciate design.
Trends to watch for in 2015: We will see more innovation in materials. A lot of companies are trying to introduce lighting and technology where it has never been done before. LED lighting and technology have come a long way but once added into a stone or a fabric, it opens up a new playing field.
Trends that are over: I’m really hoping the industrial trend will be leaving soon. It still seems to be what clients want.

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