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HD Expo 2015 Best Booth Winners Announced

Posted by on May 13, 2015 in Events, Trends, Uncategorized | 3 comments

The energy is high at HD Expo 2015, held at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. So far so good. Though the show began on Tuesday, exhibitors have been planning their booths for months. The time and energy that goes into creating these attractive booths is astounding, and it really shows in the presentation of these attractive and innovative products.

The Best Booth competition is always a highlight at HD Expo. There is such a wow factor in seeing the booths transform from their construction phase to the final result. This year, our Best Booth judges were sent out to the show floor to see all the booths in the truly massive show space. Kellie Sirna of Studio 11 Design, Melissa Pyell of Gensler, and Daniel Hyde of Pacifica Hotels were tasked with the challenge of finding the most unique, clever, and thoughtful spaces.

This year’s Best Booth winners are all of those things and more. If you’re attending this year, be sure to check them out. If you’re not, we’ll be sure to take some photos so you can see the ingenuity behind these amazing booth designs.

The Best Booth winners of 2015 are:

Small Booth
Tiger Leather, #3615

Large Booth
Saniharto, #4229

Best Product Display
Valley Forge Fabrics, #4601

Best Curb Appeal
Gervasoni, #4547

Effective Use of Space
TRI-KES, #4163

Best Branding
Bernhardt Hospitality, #1900

Clarity of Concept
RS Barcelona, #4406

Hipster of Show
frameshop, #1246

Best of Show
RH Contract, #2119


  1. I love this show and find it extremely helpful professionally. I have attended at least a dozen times. However, I really missed the food on the show floor this year – a huge time saver. The restaurants and food court were VERY overcrowded – causing me to lose at least 6 hours that I could have been walking the show floor. Like many others, I need to do many of the seminars to keep my CEUs current, and get the benefits of the networking. This is not about the $, but about the time – please bring back sandwiches on the show floor!! Thanks.

  2. RH is the most innovative, compelling company in the industry. They will be a major player with their contract initiatives.