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Posted by on September 9, 2015 in Trends

In our September issue, out now, we took a look at how the hospitality industry is influencing other types of design, whether it’s co-working spaces, tiny houses, or marijuana dispensaries.

I know. I know. I, too, was a little wary of that last one. Although marijuana is legal in Washington state and Colorado, it still connotes something illicit. But there are a handful of design firms changing that image, just as marijuana laws change around the U.S.

And it’s a good thing. As marijuana becomes more mainstream and retail owners look to attract new clientele, design is an important element to relay the comfort, ease, and carefree nature associated with marijuana culture.


NuVeda’s exterior will be clad in Brazilian walnut and glass.


One of those firms is Las Vegas-based Bunnyfish Studio, which has been pursuing these types of projects for years, says partner Craig Palacios, though he’s also been picky about which ones they choose. When they firm was approached by NuVeda, its first medical marijuana client in Las Vegas, “they exuded professionalism that made us feel comfortable with our ability to create an architectural dialogue that is about health and progress.”


NuVeda’s interiors will mix contemporary and midcentury modern elements.

The adaptive reuse will call upon elements from the 1950s to inform its design. The original block wall, from the same era, will be sandblasted and exposed (as will the concrete floors), while midcentury modern and contemporary finishes will add layers to the project. Interiors include a living wall with a steel cutout of the company’s logo, as well as large centralized tables and wood shelves that will allow customers to explore the merchandise. Its exterior will be finished in Brazilian walnut and glass.

“It is critical that dispensaries feel healthy and professional because that’s what they are,” adds Palacios. “For some users the focal point is the educational elements, for others it is the product and product data, and for the return customers, it is about the quality of the experience.”

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