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The (HD Awards) Judges Are Here!

Posted by on January 21, 2016 in Events

We here at HD HQ make a lot of critical decisions: what the content of each issue will be, where we’ll hold our CitySCENE Next Generation Networking events, are we going to order team lunch from that same Mexican place? (The answer to that one is yes—they deliver so fast!)

But many of these big choices surround our annual HD Awards.

The goal of the HD Awards (Open now! Enter here.) is to honor those projects and products that push the envelope in terms of design—showing us something we haven’t seen before, or using a material in an innovative way. That’s why choosing the members of the jury panel, who will assess the entries, is imperative.


We work hard to select thought leaders in the industry—those who not only have prolific careers as designers or brand executives, but who also have proven themselves innovative, and who (hopefully) will be more than willing to share their opinions and add to the enthusiastic debate that inevitably happens during awards deliberation day.

It’s a big ask. Wading through the entries is a massive task (we broke all records last year with 560 project entries and more than 340 in product categories—an impressive feat as it was the first year we introduced that portion of the awards) that our judges don’t take lightly.

So without further ado, here are the jury members who will be evaluating entries in the 12th annual HD Awards.

For projects:

Mark Boekenheide, Senior Vice President, Hotel Development, Related Companies

Aliya Khan, Director of Studio Operations, NeueHouse

Tony Machado, Vice President Design & Construction, Morgans Hotel Group

Anwar Mekhayech, Partner, DesignAgency

Kristina O’Neal, Partner, AvroKO


For products:

Amy Hulbert, Managing Director of Design, Best Western International

Kellie Sirna, Principal, Studio 11 Design

David Tracz, Partner, //3877


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