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Posted by on February 25, 2016 in Events

Every year, the HD team (along with a few hundred of our closest friends) hops on a plane and heads south or west for a few days of warmth, respite, and a much-needed reboot. As much as it’s a retreat, HD Summit also acts as a source of inspiration.

It’s one of our finest events, and one that we find ourselves in the midst of right now. This year, HD Summit, held at Amelia Island at the Ritz-Carlton, is coming on the heels of one of the most successful years in our industry. But Summit is much more than talking numbers, it’s about inspiring the designers and manufacturers that keep this industry on the forefront.

Last night, for instance, we started with our annual Platinum Circle reception, where we bring together past honorees to fete them once again. It’s an aspirational group, as it always is, and the crux of what makes this event such an important industry mainstay.


A group of Platinum Circle honorees gather at HD Summit in Amelia Island.

People say you can find inspiration any way, and though it helps to be next to the ocean, it’s the speakers at Summit that have me looking forward to the days ahead.

This year, is sure to be just as  eye-opening, encouraging us all to think outside the box. In fact, I had the opportunity to see one those speakers, Rohit Talwar, a futurist, in Brooklyn recently. He didn’t just talk about the future but postulated about the boundaries technology can push, like how we will be able to download our brains/consciousnesses onto a computer when we die. I mean: ::brain exploding emoji::

We can expect those same type of ideas from the other speakers we’ll see over the next two days, including primate activist Robin Huffman, Wine for Water founder/president Doc Hendley, neuroscientist David Eagleman, and magician David Kwong. I, for one, can’t wait.

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