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Posted by on February 18, 2016 in Products, Trends

We’re always looking for the next design trend here at HD. It’s not as easy to anticipate these things as you may think. The same goes for products, something I know a little bit about. Being immersed in the product world has given me the power to pick up on where the industry may be headed. Here are a few of those trends that I’ve seen popping up over the last few months that I think we’ll be seeing more of. Just call me Ponchstradamus (my last name, Ponchione, plus Nostradamus … I think it’s a nickname that will stick. It has to.)

Stick Light Fixtures
These fixtures seem to be everywhere, recalling both space satellites but also minimalistic design, as with Sonneman‘s dreamlike Stix pendant. Another benefit to these fixtures: they’re customizable, giving designers the freedom to arrange as they see fit.


Sonneman’s Stix pendant

Bold Colors
While neutral tones and warm pastel hues seem ubiquitous, it’s bold colors that are making a statement and a comeback. The undulating neon waves of from Astek‘s Strata collection or the vibrant encaustic cement tiles from cle tiles add pops of color to otherwise more neutral places.


Astek’s Wave pattern from the Strata collection

Design shouldn’t be static, and one of the ways to keep spaces interesting is to add texture. Wallcoverings like Antolini‘s Angle Jasper Green made of quartz and Maya Romanoff’s Mother of Pearl collection, with tiles of genuine seashell, play with this idea, adding another layer of interest.


Antolini’s Angle Jasper Green wallcovering

Masculine Patterns
Almost as often as you hear “Millennial-focused” or “residentially inspired,” you hear about a masculine aesthetic. Phillip Jeffries‘ Vinyl Haberdashery and Roger Thomas’ Custom Tailored series for OW Hospitality are menswear-inspired lines that offer a classic tailored look.


Phillips Jeffries’ Vinyl Haberdashery wallcovering

Cocoon Chairs
Public spaces are the social epicenters of hotels, but even if guests may want to be surrounded by other people, they also want to have some privacy. That’s where these cocoon chairs come in. They provide the intimacy needed to get work done (or scroll through one’s phone), while also placing people in the middle of a social setting.


The Cocoon chair from Sandler Seating

Mixed Metals
This one is not much of a surprise. We’ve been seeing copper and rose gold around for a while now, and it’s still as popular and relevant today as it was last year. The nostalgia factor may have something to do with this, as raw materials harken to a strong American design tradition.


Counter Chess Stools from Anna Karlin

Florals (not the dated ones in your grandma’s kitchen) add a touch of whimsy, and I’m all in with this trend. From Rifle Paper‘s idyllic paper products to the runway (daisies are everywhere), and even window treatments like these from Osborne & Little, some flora and fauna make us one with nature without ever leaving the indoors.


Osborne & Little’s floral drapery

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