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5 Product Trends to Watch

Posted by on August 10, 2016 in Trends

Our August Products issue focused on a handful of ubiquitous trends in our industry. I received hundreds of submissions for consideration. Hundreds. It was a wealth of products that we couldn’t possibly fit into our pages. What’s more, while looking through all these products, even more trends emerged.

Now, I’m selfless—a giver—a true philanthropist. I can’t keep this knowledge all to myself. Here’s a look at additional trends we’ll be seeing more of in the year ahead.

1. Pink: Thanks to Pantone’s prescience, we already knew the power of rose quartz and how it adds a touch of femininity to spaces, like in Monica Armani’s Amor Cortese sofa for Punt or Ligne Roset’s Desdémone bed. We are having a full-on pink moment—we can thank Millennials for that.


Ligne Roset’s Desdémone bed


Amor Cortese sofa for Punt

2. Geometrics: Whether it’s strong angles or patterns that harken to another era, geometrics are everywhere, including on the wall in Newmor Wallcovering’s Concrete Block or on the floor in Walker Zanger’s Stardust. These patterns add a sleek, modern, textured approach for a multidimensional feel.


Stardust from Walker Zanger


Concrete Block from Newmor Wallcovering

3. Mesh: This sporty fabric, often associated with ’80s kitsch, is now making a laidback yet refined design statement. Blu Dot’s Hot Mesh lounge chair, for example, offers a handwoven vibe in a vibrant color, while Luceplan’s Mesh light adds a touch of sophistication.


Blu Dot’s Hot Mesh lounge chair


Luceplan’s Mesh light

4. Gold: Maybe it’s the Olympic fever we’re experiencing here at HD HQ, but while brass, copper, silver, etc., have had their moment in the spotlight, it’s gold’s timeless quality that is back in a big way. Carnegie’s Karat is a sheer whose metal interplay gives it an eye-catching quality. The same goes for Drummonds‘ gold leaf Tamar tub, an opulent bathroom addition.


Karat from Carnegie


Drummonds’ gold leaf Tamar tub

5. Privacy areas: Public spaces are meant to be social hubs yet some people want to be near the buzz but also a bit secluded from it. We like Arper’s Parentesit freestanding partition walls for their modular functionality to create a discreet area for small gatherings, while Johanson Design’s Reform seating collection offers both openness and privacy.


Arper’s Parentesit Freestanding partition walls


Reform from Johanson Design

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