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Red Carpet-Inspired Products

Posted by on September 22, 2016 in Trends

As has been well documented, I love award shows. It’s the same feeling normal people get when college football starts or when baseball spring training begins. (Those are all the sports metaphors I’m capable of.)

Last Sunday, watching the Emmys, I was truly giddy with excitement. I love everything about them: the opening monologue, the cutaway shots to celebrities, the speeches, even the middle part that drags on and on. But my favorite part is the red carpet. Thanks to modern technology, I’m able to watch the red carpet live on TV, frantically refresh People.com to make sure I didn’t miss any arrivals, and still find time to tweet snarky commentary. It’s a utopia of my own creation.

And, because fashion often inspires our industry, the red carpet arrivals also serve as a learning tool. For those of us who were spared an invite to Kanye West’s Yeezy show on Roosevelt Island, this is the closest we get to the runway. Here, I’ve translated what we saw on the red carpet into products that match.

If you liked Rami Malek’s white dinner coat and black tuxedo pants, you’ll like Tetris by De Padova.


If you liked Constance Zimmer’s pretty in pink floral dress, you’ll like Delta for Enticdesign by MUT Design.


If you liked Maisie Williams’ embroidered floral and black dress, you’ll like Élan Vital from Flavor Paper.

If you liked Laura Carmichael’s (Who? Lady Edith from Downton Abbey) divisive yellow and lavender ensemble, you’ll like Ottoman by Scholten & Baijings for Moroso.


If you liked Ellie Kemper’s chartreuse patterned gown, you’ll love Firefly from KnollTextiles.


If you liked the shimmery metallic of Padma Lashki’s gown, you’ll love Lunar Grey from SICIS’ Diamond collection.


If you liked Sarah Paulson’s glamorous Prada gown that dripped in gold and emerald (my vote for best dressed), you’ll love Seed Cloud from Ochre.


*Photos courtesy of product companies, Getty Images, Vanity Fair, and E! Online.

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