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Year in Review: HD’s Favorite Moments

Posted by on December 21, 2016 in Trends

Say what you want about 2016 (and there’s a lot to say about it), there were some bright spots. For HD, in fact, there were almost too many to count. We introduced a new class of Wave of the Future and Platinum Circle honorees, we had our largest HD Expo event to date, not to mention we visited nine cities (including Toronto) for our CitySCENE events, while still managing to put out 10 issues.

And we covered a lot. We interviewed Chip Conley to find out how Airbnb is reshaping our industry; we covered properties from Durham to Paris and Bogota to Tokyo; we highlighted the women in the industry breaking the glass ceiling; we talked to award-winning chefs and took a restaurant tour of the world; our guest editor Jason Pomeranc shared his new icons with us; we looked outside our industry for inspiration; and we ended the year with our trendspotting issue to give you a taste of what to expect in 2017.


We had a great year that certainly speaks for itself, but we also had a few favorites we want to share with you. We’re not immune to Best of Lists at HD HQ, after all. Here’s what we loved:

Stacy Shoemaker Rauen, editor in chief: “We started our NextGen Forum four years ago, and it has transformed into one of our most unique events. A blend of TED-like speakers and more industry-focused conference programming, it brings together an amazing group of our industry’s ‘next generation’ leaders.

And I know I am biased, but our May issue is always one of my favorites. We are constantly striving to push the envelope in terms of people, places, and projects that we feature, and for our HD Expo issue, I feel we showcased a tremendous amount of talent—from Chip Conley of Airbnb and Brad Wilson of Ace Hotels, to projects from Barcelona to Hudson, New York. And even though this is my 15th show issue, I am still amazed that our staff of six puts out a 340 page issue and lives to talk about it.”

Michael Adams, editorial director: “The glory of HD—the industry and the brand—has for me always been about people, and 2016 brought us close to many of them, thanks to the events were extremely proud to produce: HD Expo, HD Summit, HD NextGen Forum, the HD Awards, and the Platinum Circle Awards Gala. At Platinum Circle, we aimed the spotlight on six leaders worthy of hall of fame status. From John Ceriale’s misty-eyed acceptance speech, to Kit Kemp’s crazy socks, to Clodagh’s inspirational call to philanthropy, it was another striking reminder that we are always surrounded by talent, generosity, and charisma. It’s good to be reminded of how lucky we are.”


Many past and present Platinum Circle honorees gathered at the Platinum Circle Awards Gala in New York in November.

Jonathan Marsland, creative director:HD took home Honorable Mention at Folio’s 2016 Eddie & Ozzie Awards in the Full Issue – Design category. This is a special moment because a lot of hard work and sweat goes into putting together this magazine and to be honored and recognized for great design makes me proud.”

Katie Kervin, managing editor: “I probably sound like a broken record when reflecting back on each year here, but the HD Awards always stand out to me amongst the many amazing issues and events we put together. Perhaps it’s because I’m project manager, and I get to see the awards process very up close and personally—from discussing category changes to opening our call for entries in December (P.S. you can submit your project or product now for next year!), to looking at each and every project entry before passing them on to our judges and sitting in on their deliberations as they pore over the hundreds of submissions, to the HD Awards ceremony, and of course the June issue, where all the winners and finalists are highlighted. It’s a long process and a big deal for us (and of course all our project and product honorees), and truly something that showcases this industry’s deep talent and diverse offerings.”

The HD Awards Best in Show project winner: Treehouse Suite at Playa Viva by Deture Culsign.

The HD Awards Best in Show project winner, Treehouse Suite at Playa Viva by Deture Culsign.

Alissa Ponchione, associate editor: “Stop me if I’ve said this before (actually, please don’t; I have said this before). I love that part of my job is interviewing amazing product designers for our designer profile section in the magazine. They are true creators, who each have different approaches, aesthetics, backgrounds. This year was on of our most versatile classes to date: Patricia Urquiola, Rosie Li, Thom Filicia, Matteo Thun, Space Copenhagen, Anabela Chan, Studio Job, Aljoud Lootah, Lee Broom, Deborah Lloyd, MUT Design, Jono Pandolfi, and Adam Siegel. But it’s also about seeking out who’s next. One of the more rewarding pieces I wrote was a recent blog highlighting five designers to watch. I am lucky that I have access to all these people, and I love sharing that with our readers and exposing new talent to the industry.”

Bubble Cluster lights from Rose Li, who we profiled in our March/April issue.

Bubble Cluster lights from Rose Li, who we profiled in our March/April issue.

Will Speros, online editor:I love Basalt because it seems designed not only around its natural setting but around warm weather. Its openness and dining room layout call to mind the community-oriented spirit of summer weather and convivial evenings. Its clean interior is striking, but is also a bit of blank canvas, allowing natural elements and even the kitchen to take center stage.”


Basalt, designed by San Francisco-based Rapt Studio.

Paulina Glozman, assistant to the editor in chief: “I love that HD has a number of exciting events that I get to work on and see how much preparation and attention to detail goes into them, including HD Expo, HD Summit and HD NextGen Forum. The TED-style talks at Summit, conference sessions at Expo, and visionaries at NextGen bring a wave of creativity, inspiration, and a learning experience that is always a standout. Plus getting to see how each of those events come together (always in beautiful locations) is satisfying!”

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