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5 Wallcovering Trends Defining the Industry

Posted by on March 15, 2017 in Trends

The Wallcoverings Association stopped by HD HQ this week to talk all things wallcoverings, and trends of course, which has become a kind of annual tradition here. Because the companies release so many new items every year, there is a knowledge—a finger-on-the-pulse mentality—that pervades these new collections.

It’s always enlightening to sit down with experts to see if the trends we’ve been noticing are on their radars too. And it just so happens to be the case that many of them area. Below are a few design trends that will define 2017:

1. Nature-inspired, faux wood, bold patterns, and more. These are trends we’ve been seeing for a while and will be showing up throughout the year. Hashtag from Arc-Com does this particularly well, recalling an important 21st-century trope (the hashtag, a signifier of what’s trending) and a large pattern that adds drama to a space. Expect to see more damasks for a rich, antique look; faux woods that give that Brooklyn cool vibe (especially useful if millwork is out of the budget); and textured embossing in deep jewel tones for high-end flare.

The weathered wood-looking Boscage from Wolf-Gordon.

2. Sustainability at the forefront. The Wallcoverings Association has taken major strides in the last few years to pivot to a more environmentally friendly and eco-conscious philosophy. Depending on the products and goals, there is renewed motivation for a global standard for all wallcoverings, even vinyl.

3. Neutrals are warming up. Gray is being abandoned as the go-to neutral in lieu of more feminine colors, a trend adopted from European markets. Expect those pink and salmons hues and even green tones to be the new neutrals.

The new neutrals: Hanami silk from Versa Wallcovering

4. Geometric designs with a tailored look. It’s no surprise as geometrics of all scales and colors remain popular, as they have been for a while, but mix that with the masculine aesthetic, and you get a well-tailored wallcovering that adds dimension.

Axiom Cube’s by Lanark Wallcovering is available through D.L. Couch and highlights minimalist and modern geometrics.

5. Wallcoverings are not only for walls. As digital printing becomes more ubiquitous, so does using wallcoverings as artworks on walls; as headboard designs; as white board-like walls; as corner guards in rooms; and even feature walls. For example, Koroseal’s new Gauge 78 is made with 68 percent aluminum for an edgy look. The options are limitless.

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