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3 Surface Trends from Coverings 2017

Posted by on April 13, 2017 in Events, Products, Trends | 1 comment

Coverings 2017 was held last week in Orlando, bringing together 25,000 tile and stone industry professionals and 1,100 exhibitors from 40 countries. The annual show also included ample programming, such as the HD-led “What’s Trending in Hospitality?,” with designer Stacy Garcia, Malcolm Berg of EoA, Justin Colombik from Puccini Group, and Glen Coben of Glen & Co. Architecture.

With nine miles-worth of stone, tiles, and ceramics showcased on the floor of the Orange County Convention Center, there was quite a lot of ground to cover in only a few short days. Equipped with a notebook, camera, and comfortable shoes (shoutout to Nike’s Flyknit Racer), I discovered what was trending in the surfaces industry. Although espresso, virtual reality, and even puppies abounded, some seriously eye-catching designs were what really stole my heart. Here are three trends sure to reshape interiors in the days to come:

Natural imagery
One refreshing theme on the show floor was nature. Reinforced with imagery ranging from bucolic abstractions to colorful depictions of toucans in the tropics, designs like Dream from Fondovalle offer watercolor-like woodland scenes with the texture of linen. Even the Pop Job collection from Mirage and Studio Job recalls natural wood materials across its shiny, glass and porcelain design.

Dream from Fondovalle

Pop Job collection from Mirage and Studio Job

3D tiles    
A variety of animated 3D designs promise to enhance any setting with depth, allowing visitors a chance to further connect with a space through their fingertips. The Leonardo series from Imola features small-scale urban patterns inspired by the shapes and textures of manhole coverings (yes, manhole coverings), while Colorker’s new ZYX line aims to inspire with glossy, triangular and rhombus-shaped forms that melt off the wall in ornate shades.

Colorker’s new ZYX line

Leonardo from Imola

Traditional patterns
Many companies from Italy and Spain demonstrated a gravitation toward traditional motifs: Aparici’s Bondi series references encaustic tiling that swept the Mediterranean in the 19th century. The Portofino series from Vives draws inspiration from 15th-century Venetian styles that comprise colored marble and cement for a stracciato effect.

Portofino for Vives

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