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July, 2018

6 Top Products from NeoCon

Posted by on July 18, 2018 in Events

By Scott Hierlinger, design director and managing principal, Nelson

During NeoCon’s 50th anniversary this year, everything from residentially inspired furniture to bright hues (think pink and emerald green) and retro weaves were on display. Indeed, as industries continue to blur, products that reinforce innovation, flexibility, and functionality will always pique our interest. Here are the top six products our designers found that will undoubtedly have an immediate impact on retail, hospitality and corporate environments:

Lori Kolthoff, vice president and managing creative director, FRCH Design Worldwide

AXES from Maars Living Walls
The challenge with retail is reimagining the brick-and-mortar environment to make spaces feel more personalized and experiential. One way to do this is using adaptable products such as AXES from Maars Living Walls. This invisible access wall system allows for a flexible approach to the built environment, permitting individual store formats to transform at a moment’s notice. In addition, the product has a beautiful minimalistic design and excellent acoustic performance. Continue reading →

Stylus: 3 Design Trends to Watch

Posted by on July 11, 2018 in Trends

Whether you abide by them or not, trends help shape our industry and evolve our design perspective. But we also realize we can’t dress everything in Millennial pink forever. Few know this better than trend tracker Stylus, which follows the changing hospitality industry on both the macro and micro levels, analyzing innovation, lifestyle, and consumer engagement. We caught up with U.S. advisory strategist Amber Davis to discuss what’s on the horizon, including three directions design will be heading in 2019 and 2020.

Go Bold or Go Home
Not only is color being used as a way to stand out in busy social feeds, but it’s being used to make revolving statements in the home as well,” says Davis. In addition, it caters to the youthful spirit of Millennials who have “a more optimistic, pragmatic, and proactive approach to creativity.” A maximalist color palette helps connect the physical and digital worlds, even if it’s choosing a few bold pieces for a room. Continue reading →