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13th Annual HD Awards Winners Revealed

Posted by on June 8, 2017 in Events | 0 comments

Last night, the winners were announced for our 13th annual HD Awards, in a ceremony held at Cipriani 25 Broadway in New York. And before you ask, no, La La Land did not win, though the team for the Asbury did get called up to the stage three times in a row for their achievements in the Midscale categories.

Best in Show project winner: Sanya EDITION

We’ve been working on the awards for the better part of 2017, forcing HD’s staff to remain tight-lipped on the most exciting, deserving projects and products in hospitality (not an easy task for a team passionate enough to spend every day writing about the industry).

Best in Show products winner: Spokes Large from Foscarini

Along with all the winners announced last night, we also named our Best in Show winners. For projects, Sanya EDITION took home top honor. For products, the winner was Spokes Large from Foscarini. Continue reading →

HD Expo Countdown: Entering a New Age with VR

Posted by on April 26, 2017 in Events

We are looking forward to HD Expo, which is only a week away (!!!). This year, we’ve added something new to the mix with a virtual reality booth led by innovation and design studio ICRAVE. In collaboration with Hospitality Design magazine, the two day virtual reality-focused workshop at booth #1359 (and sponsored by RH Contract) will showcase cutting-edge visualization and digital experimentation during HD Expo, held next week in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay. Along with demonstrations, ICRAVE is also hosting a beer pong tournament (finally, a college skill put to good use), completely in VR, starting Wednesday, May 3rd at 2 p.m.

An apartment at 21 West End in New York, designed by ICRAVE, which the firm rendered in VR as a sales tool for the building

“We created the beer pong game through our interactions with video game designers and developers,” says Elizabeth Von Lehe, director of strategy and brand architecture for the New York firm, who will be overseeing the demonstrations and the contest. Continue reading →