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Wine Design

Posted by on September 2, 2015 in Projects, Sustainability

I’ll admit that I was initially drawn to the subject of this post as a wine drinker originally from Portland, Oregon. When I saw the news that one of my favorite wineries had debuted it’s new Tasting House, I was excited—even from all the way across the country in New York. It also seemed appropriate as a teaser for our almost-out September issue, where we delve into our industry’s reach into other areas—from retail to sports arenas to tiny houses (and wineries).

Argyle Winery’s historic barrel room and cellar has been converted into a new Tasting House and hospitality center designed by SERA Architecture. Photo by Andrea Johnson Photography.

Argyle Winery’s historic barrel room and cellar has been converted into a new Tasting House and hospitality center designed by SERA Architects. Photo by Andrea Johnson Photography.

Dundee, Oregon’s Argyle Winery, founded in 1987 and famed for its delicious sparkling wines, recently opened the Tasting House—an extension of its former winery (it has moved manufacturing elsewhere) and current tasting room, which is housed in an old Victorian House—partnering with Portland firm SERA Architects. Continue reading →

14 Days Away: Sessions on Deck at HD Expo

Posted by on April 29, 2015 in Events, Sustainability

We’re now just two short weeks away from HD Expo, and we’re busy making sure everything is perfect for the industry’s premier tradeshow and conference. While there will be plenty to see on the gigantic show floor (don’t forget to wear your walking shoes and make use of the complimentary water and snack stands that will be stationed throughout—not to mention the bar in HD’s Social Hub in booth #1955), our nearly 30 conference sessions are where you can get your education on. Here are just a few highlights:

During “What Meeting Planners Want” on Thursday, May 14th at 2 p.m., three planners will delve in to the (sometimes overlooked) world of designing hotel meeting spaces and what designers need to know to create environments amenable to these groups—which make up a large part of many hotels’ revenue streams—including a focus on lighting, furnishings, and the special requirements of the disabled. Continue reading →

Day Trip

Posted by on January 25, 2012 in Sustainability | 10 comments

While I agree that winery hopping in the Hudson Valley on a blistering cold day is an unlikely way to spend a Sunday in January, nonetheless, last weekend I woke up early, swaddled myself in layers, and ventured to darling little towns like Washingtonville and Clinton Corners to quaff local wines from one of the state’s most undiscovered grape-growing regions.

One of my favorite stops was in Marlboro, where I visited Stoutridge Vineyard (www.stoutridge.com), the brainchild of husband and wife team Stephen Osborn and Kim Wagner. Not only was I impressed by the natural wines made here—delightfully hazy because of unprocessed pectins and proteins—but the space, a nod to German-style wineries, was breathtaking.

The facility flaunts a gravity-flow design (there are no pumps or filters here), and is built into a hillside, directly on the site of what was another winery, pre-Prohibition. In keeping with Osborn and Wagner’s dedication to sustainability, electricity also comes courtesy of a solar cell system on the roof. Continue reading →

From the Wall Street Green Summit

Posted by on March 30, 2011 in Sustainability | 1 comment

It's day two of the 10th annual Wall Street Green Summit here in NYC. Thus far the sessions have been jam packed with information, some of which is relevant to our industry (like the macro trends affecting the global landscape) and some less so (like the nitty gritty of the carbon market), but a few themes have emerged across the board, and it's been eye opening to get a glimpse into the world of green financing. A few takeaways and intereesting tidbits thus far…

1. No one's too confident that federal regulations will come in and save the day

2. China, China, China…and Korea

3. Lock down your solar panels, apparently a real market has emerged for stolen PVs

4. Sobering statistic: one third of all people in the world are expected to be without fresh water by 2020

5. Environmentalists are starting to object to wind and solar farms for land use reasons

6. Continue reading →

LEED: a sneak peek into what’s next

Posted by on December 15, 2010 in Sustainability

When will there be LEED for Hospitality? It’s a question Sara Schoen, hospitality lead for the USGBC, gets all the time. Well an intimate group at a NEWH Greater New York event last night got a definitive answer: never. OK, calm down, it’s not to say they’re not working on some adjustments for the industry, but according to Schoen the USGBC is moving toward “a bookshelf approach”, actually trying to consolidate different markets into one LEED with differerent versions for different credits. “We are trying to work with what we have,” says Schoen.


With 1,072 hotels currently registered and 81 already certified, LEED has exploded in the hospitality sector over the past few years.

Now, after feedback from the Hospitality Adaptations Working Group, a group of industry professionals who acted as an advisory council to the USGBC, there are some new “adaptations” set to go into effect as early as 2011, and some others not yet approved, but definiely on the radar. Continue reading →