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Marrying Social Media and Design

Posted by on March 25, 2015 in Events, social media, Trends, Web/Tech

You can’t talk about design, if you’re not (at the very least) talking about technology’s implicit impact on the way we look at design. What drives good design is not only about what photos pop up on social media sites—though that doesn’t hurt—but about sharing that experience via new channels, according to panelists at IIDA New York’s “Customizing the Guest Experience in Hospitality” event held last week and co-moderated by Nancy Jackson, co-chair of the Hospitality Forum and president of Architectural Systems Inc.


Panelists and moderators at the IIDA New York hospitality event (from left): Moderator Nancy Jackson, Architectural Systems Inc.; Toni Stoeckl, Marriott International; Kimberly Miller; Duncan Miller Ullman Design; Adam Rolston, Incorporated Architecture & Design; and moderator Barry Richards, Rockwell Group

“Experience matters. It matters more than stuff,” says Barry Richards, a co-moderator, IIDA New York chapter’s Hospitality Forum co-chair, and principal and studio leader at Rockwell Group. Continue reading →

Designing for the Social Media Generation

Posted by on December 3, 2014 in Trends, Web/Tech

In our December issue (out soon!), I wrote about social media’s affect on customer relations in hotels. I’ll be the first to admit that social media is a heavily covered topic, especially in this industry, but there’s a simple explanation for that: It’s always evolving. Who knew how important Twitter would be to customer relations a few years back? Or how powerful Instagram could be in evoking a sense of place with just a simple photo and the right filter? Now, we can all make our own time lapse videos.

Initially, I was reluctant to ask my sources about how design plays a part on social media strategy. They do seem, on first appearance, unrelated, but Benji Greenberg, CEO and founder of BCV, a social media management and strategy company for the industry, told me that “design in hotels today is one of the main aspects you can share on social media to break through the noise.”

Indeed, the two practically go hand-in-hand—and we can probably thank Millennials for that, as they are often the ones posting those hotel photos online, and in doing so, helping to dictate trends. Continue reading →

Tech Support

Posted by on April 24, 2014 in Trends, Web/Tech

I am not particularly savvy when it comes to technology. I groaned when I had to give up my Motorola Razr (may she rest in peace) for a smartphone. I’m more of an analog gamer, preferring Scrabble to Words With Friends, and I only have four apps on my phone: MapMyRun (a glaring and constant reminder of my laziness), Facebook  and Instagram (which I’m beholden to), and one that turns friends into unicorns (used more frequently than I care to admit).

But even I, with my remedial tech skills, know I’m a slave to the digital world. And because it’s a staple in everyday life, it’s not surprising that technology has taken over the hospitality industry, as well. In an article on Millennial-designed hotels for our May issue, I spoke with brand managers, designers, and hotel owners who all said the same thing: The most important design elements aren’t opulent installations but outlets, USB ports, and broadband internet. Continue reading →

Check out our new HD products page!

Posted by on November 20, 2012 in Products, Web/Tech

We’re very excited to present our new and improved online products page. We asked, and you answered, telling us what you wanted from the products section of our website: an archive, a clear layout that’s easy to search, and defined categories. There’s also the option for manufacturers to submit their own new products for consideration–see the “submit a product” button on the top right corner of the products page. Submit your products and you might see them featured on the HD products page or in print!

Please have a look at the new products page and let us know what you think; as always, we welcome your feedback. In fact, we need it in order to keep providing the resources and information that are valuable to you. So please, drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter, or email me at avanhouten@hdmag.com. Thanks! Continue reading →

Let’s Get Social

Posted by on October 15, 2012 in Products, Web/Tech

You’re all pretty social media savvy, aren’t you? Who isn’t these days, right? As the global social media scene connects us more closely and more consistently than ever before, the lines between professional promotion and personal interaction are blurring—with both positive and negative results, perhaps. While we all strive to determine to what degree we want social media in our professional and personal lives, and to achieve tangible professional results from our online interactions,  it does seem that some degree of online presence is pretty much mandatory. After all, I’ve heard folks remark, wistfully, about the old days when companies that had websites were considered “ahead of the game”; these days, if you’re not on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and beyond, your absence is conspicuous, and you could be missing out on valuable conversations with your partners, clients, customers, and colleagues.

Which leads me to a completely shameless plug: Do you follow HD magazine on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn? Continue reading →