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A Santa Fe State of Mind

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Having never been to Santa Fe, what I knew about it came from a song from the Disney movie and musical Newsies, about escaping New York and moving out West to Santa Fe, aptly titled “Santa Fe”—a worthy endorsement that hit a little too close to home, in my opinion. Invited by Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, I set up my headquarters at their New Mexico resort, the Inn at the Anasazi. Here, I was able to relax, regroup, and plan to squeeze in every part of Santa Fe into a two-day period.

The city informs the hotel’s design; with its recent renovation by Wilson Associates. Beautiful artwork that adorns the walls (all from local artists) mixes with the strong masculine aesthetic—think leather chairs in the lobby, ornate wood doors (also art), and bright colors. The darker vibe that inhabits the public spaces is erased in the guestrooms where bright, light, and airy are fixtures. Continue reading →

Be Our Guests

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Last week, HD’s editorial team met with the venerable editors for our annual Guest Editor issue in November: George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg, who have graciously agreed to lend their expertise culled from decades in the hospitality industry to shape the issue’s content. They join the ranks of past guest editors such as AvroKO (November 2013), Clodaugh (October 2012), and David Rockwell (October 2011).

We sat down with Yabu and Pushelberg (fresh from an interview about their design for the soon-to-open Park Hyatt New York) at their SoHo office to discuss the ins and outs of the issue—what we need them to contribute, what we’ll help with (no, they don’t have to write all the editorial themselves), and to start brainstorming their theme for the issue.

The excitement was palpable, and we can’t wait to see what Yabu and Pushelberg come up with for the magazine—who they interview, what projects will be featured, and what insights we’ll gain from the esteemed pair. Continue reading →

Conference and Competition in Miami Beach

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We’re just over two months away from HD Americas, coming up September 16th-17th at the Miami Beach Convention Center. I’m looking forward to experiencing for the first time our Latin American and Caribbean-focused event, partially because I’m a former Miami resident (before I realized that my too-fair skin tone means I won’t ever be a beach bum), but mostly because I’m excited about the great conference sessions that our editorial director, Michael Adams, has been planning.

Here are a couple of highlights:

Miami at the Moment

Long a design hub, Miami has been enjoying an upsurge of creativity and energy in hospitality design. Meet designers whose work has been brightening the city’s distinctive landscape.


Peter Oleck, ADD Inc

Malcom Berg, Edge of Architecture (EoA)

George Scammell, Wyndham Worldwide

Will Meyer, Meyer Davis Studio

Meg Sharpe, Meg Sharpe Interiors


Showing How It’s Done: Four Case Studies

Top-flight designers describe in detail their current major projects in the area, including choices, challenges, and rewards. Continue reading →

Wave of the Future: Authenticity Drives Design

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In our June issue, we honored seven innovative and up-and-coming designers in our Wave of the Future series. Reading through their profiles certainly made my job harder, as I was definitely more enthralled with their stories than the editing process.

Luckily for me, our Wave of the Future honorees had the chance to talk more about their career trajectories by defining authenticity and how it inspires their design process during our HD NextGen Forum a few weeks ago. Authenticity is an abstract term but one that is pervasive in the hospitality design world. A hotel may look beautiful but if it doesn’t exude a sense of place, then it comes across as hollow. Each took a quick, Pecha Kucha-style dive into defining how authenticity drives their work.

Julie Frank, global director of design for Le Méridien Hotels, opened the discussion by looking at authenticity in its rawest form. It’s something “real and true,” she said. Continue reading →

Talking Industry Issues with the Owners

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HD NextGen ForumWhile the sessions at HD’s NextGen Forum two weeks ago in Chicago were inspiring, it was the Owners’ Roundtable, sponsored by RH Contract, that was truly enlightening. We at HD constantly cover trends and postulate about the future of the industry, but it’s another thing altogether to have leading hoteliers, owners, managers, and more, talking about these topics (and others) with candor.

I am naturally curious so I found a seat at the table in the W Chicago City Center ballroom and hoped to blend in—learning through observation. Yet, the journalist got the better of me, so of course I found time to ask some of questions, too. In fact, here are some key points I overheard at NextGen’s Owners’ Roundtable:

  • Sam Suleman, vice president of development and operations at Equinox Hospitality, asked a startling question when he first sat down at our table: Are online travel agencies (OTAs) signaling the end of the brand?
  • Continue reading →