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Second City

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A friend recently told me that “I’m always writing about Cleveland.” This is partly true. I do have a bias toward Rust Belt cities generally and Ohio specifically. I went to school at Ohio University—Go Bobcats!—and lived in Cleveland for three (wonderful, glorious, unforgettable, insert-positive-adjective-here) years, and I’m writing about Ohio (Columbus and Cleveland) for our Under the Radar feature in HD‘s upcoming January/February issue.

It’s not just personal bias, I promise—the area is booming.

And the people who live there are often the ones driving the Midwest Revolution(™). Local developers are pouring money into the economy, taking notice of historic and underutilized buildings and transforming them into offices, housing, and hotels, all rather inexpensively.

Jonathon Sawyer, chef and owner of some of Cleveland’s most prestigious restaurants including Greenhouse Tavern, Noodlecat, and Trentina, lived in New York before he moved back home to Cleveland. It just made sense. Continue reading →

The 11th Annual HD Awards are Here!

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It’s that time of year again! Yes, that means we’re recovering from the holidays and remembering how to work again after plenty of downtime in December. But it also means that awards season is here. The Golden Globes are behind us and we are staring down the barrel at the Grammy Awards (Beyoncé forever), the Razzies (I’ll always predict anything Nicolas Cage-related to take the trophy there), the Screen Actors Guild Awards, the Oscars—the list goes on.

But let us not forget the most important of all these accolades—the 11th annual HD Awards.


Submissions are now open for projects that opened or will open between December 2013 and March 10th, 2015, and the deadline for entry is March 10th. The 20 project categories range from lifestyle or boutique hotel to sustainable project and upscale restaurant. For project entry form and rules, click here.

And just to make everything a bit more exciting, this year we will also be honoring the best products the industry has to offer. Continue reading →

2015 Designer Resolutions

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People can change. At least that’s what we hope when we ring in to the New Year with a laundry list of resolutions. I’m not immune to self improvement either, although my commitment period is about two solid weeks followed by a 50 week relapse. This year, for example, I resolved to be more resolute (a meta goal that has me convinced I can run a half marathon), to write more thank-you notes (stamps are expensive, though), and to drink more pink Champagne (already achieved!).


While my personal goals may seem lofty, some of our designer friends also set out this year with their own goals and things they hope will stay in 2014 (Warning: a lot of cronut hate, here). We spoke to a few of them to see what plans they have for 2015.

michael-suomi22-Michael Suomi, principal, Stonehill & Taylor

2015 design resolution: To try and look again at the world the way a child does, where everything holds surprise and wonder. Continue reading →

HD Staff Picks: The Top Stories of the Year

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We are generally a humble bunch at Hospitality Design magazine, but we have to admit that we had quite a year. From big events to even bigger issues, the hospitality industry bore a wealth of excitement seen in our pages and on our website over the last 12 months. During 2014, we looked at people shaping the industry, the trends that influenced hospitality, and projects that stand out.

We are not immune to listicles, and there’s no better way to bring the year to the close than to look back at our favorite stories from 2014. A completely subjective, no-algorithms-involved list that includes everything from the stories we liked writing and reading to the ones that changed the way we viewed the industry and (hopefully) influenced how our readers approached design.

From the editors, here are our top stories of the year:

1. An important tenet of HD is featuring projects and firms that showcase smart, thoughtful design elements. Continue reading →

5 Takeaways from CitySCENE: Dallas

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A few weeks ago, I traveled to Dallas, along with managing editor Katie Kervin, for our CitySCENE: Dallas event at Chino Chinatown, which was selected in the 10th annual HD Awards earlier this year for the special Judges Award for Urban Renewal. Because I’m a jetsetter, I was only the southern city for 24 hours, yet it was just enough time to see how prolific the Dallas design scene is.

Before the event, I got to sit in on our roundtable discussion, where I gleaned some interesting information from the attendees and sponsors. (Thank you to Carnegie, Covington Contract, Durkan, Fairmont Designs, Global Allies, Grand Rapids Chair Company, Metrie2, RH Contract, Shaw Hospitality Group, and Soho Myriad for sponsoring our CitySCENE event.)


Attendees at CitySCENE: Dallas at Chino Chinatown.

Here are the five takeaways from the roundtable discussion:

1. Hospitality development in Texas, especially Houston and Dallas, is proliferating. There’s more renovating and repositioning in Dallas than there has been in years. Continue reading →