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Red Carpet-Inspired Products

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As has been well documented, I love award shows. It’s the same feeling normal people get when college football starts or when baseball spring training begins. (Those are all the sports metaphors I’m capable of.)

Last Sunday, watching the Emmys, I was truly giddy with excitement. I love everything about them: the opening monologue, the cutaway shots to celebrities, the speeches, even the middle part that drags on and on. But my favorite part is the red carpet. Thanks to modern technology, I’m able to watch the red carpet live on TV, frantically refresh People.com to make sure I didn’t miss any arrivals, and still find time to tweet snarky commentary. It’s a utopia of my own creation.

And, because fashion often inspires our industry, the red carpet arrivals also serve as a learning tool. For those of us who were spared an invite to Kanye West’s Yeezy show on Roosevelt Island, this is the closest we get to the runway. Continue reading →

HD Heads to Brooklyn

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It should come as no surprise that new hotels are one of our favorite things here at HD. So when we realized that the new William Vale hotel in Brooklyn’s popular Williamsburg neighborhood would be opening in time for our annual CitySCENE: New York networking event, we jumped on the chance to gather this week (with some 400 of our closest friends and industry folks in the area) and check out the space.

The 183-room hotel is part of a mixed-use concrete and steel complex by local architecture firm Albo Liberis, which also houses retail, office, and event space surrounding the property’s central plaza area. A large stairway leads from the street level to the elevated 15,000-square-foot Vale Park.

A rendering of the William Vale complex, complete with a 183-room hotel, outdoor pool, and rooftop park.

A rendering of the William Vale complex, complete with a 183-room hotel, outdoor pool, and rooftop park.


A residentially inspired bedroom features Manhattan views, a neutral palette, and contemporary art.

A residentially inspired guestroom features Manhattan views, a neutral palette, and contemporary art.

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September Preview: 3 Projects to Inspire

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For consumer magazines, the September issue is the thing. For example, being on the cover of Vogue‘s September issue is the ultimate status symbol. It means Anna Wintour has anointed you a chosen one, giving you lifetime access to the Met Gala (I assume).

The same can be said (by me) about Hospitality Design‘s September issue (available this week). We looked outside our hospitality box to find innovative designs from around the world and other industries, examining the challenge of creativity. We consider this issue as one big inspiration board and encourage you to tear out pages to curate your own vision wall.

Of course, we couldn’t fit everything into our pages, so we’re sharing some bonus projects with you. Here are more aspirational, groundbreaking works, from offices to runways and bowling alleys, that piqued our interest.

Coca-Cola by Studios Architecture, Issy-Les-Moulineaux, France
In its signature red and white color scheme, Studios Architecture conceptualized Coca-Cola’s French headquarters to reflect the office’s philosophy of comfort and well being. Continue reading →

The Power of Social Media Influencers

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Taylor Swift is a fun celebrity to follow on Instagram; the dog filter is the best one on Snapchat; a photo of a cute baby will garner a lot of likes on Facebook, but one realm of social media that can seem hard to understand is that of influencer. Brands feel differently, however. Partnerships between hospitality companies and celebrities are changing the way social media is being used, both as an engagement platform and a marketing tool.

Naturally, one family seems to have cornered the market on this: the Kardashian-Jenners, who have partnered with Airbnb to stay at some chic places. Kylie Jenner spent her 19th birthday at a $50 million Turks & Caicos estate, Kourtney retreated to a $6,000-plus per night Nantucket beach house, and Kim is currently renting a $30-million New York City penthouse for free. It’s not just the Kardashians either. Britney Spears, (our queen) Beyonce, and even JoJo Fletcher of The Bachelorette are using their celebrity (no matter how minor or fleeting) to promote vacation rentals for Airbnb and TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals. Continue reading →

Squaring the Circle: Introducing the 2016 Platinum Circle Honorees

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By Michael Adams, Hospitality Design magazine’s editorial director

The process of selecting the annual honorees for Platinum Circle—our Hall of Fame for industry heavyweights—is always a challenging and exciting task. So many deserving possibilities! We aim for diversity of interest, accomplishment, and influence, as well as the highest standards of quality.

This year, we have a striking gallery of hospitality leaders. And the honorees are:

  • John Ceriale, Prospect Hotel Advisors and the Blackstone Group
  • Chef Tom Colicchio
  • Kit and Tim Kemp, Firmdale Hotels
  • Visionary Award: Jeffrey Beers International
  • Manny Steinfeld Award: Clodagh

John Ceriale, president and founder of Prospect Hotel Advisors as well as hotel consultant to the Blackstone Group, is a 45-year veteran of the hotel industry, with associations to Wyndham, the Savoy Group, Hilton, LXR Luxury Resorts, and others. His design collaborators include Alexandra Champalimaud, David Rockwell, David Collins, Jim Looney, and many others. He also serves on the Cornell School of Hotel Administration’s Dean’s Advisory Board, whose goal is to ensure that the school continues to meet the needs of the world’s largest industry. Continue reading →