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Wine Design

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I’ll admit that I was initially drawn to the subject of this post as a wine drinker originally from Portland, Oregon. When I saw the news that one of my favorite wineries had debuted it’s new Tasting House, I was excited—even from all the way across the country in New York. It also seemed appropriate as a teaser for our almost-out September issue, where we delve into our industry’s reach into other areas—from retail to sports arenas to tiny houses (and wineries).

Argyle Winery’s historic barrel room and cellar has been converted into a new Tasting House and hospitality center designed by SERA Architecture. Photo by Andrea Johnson Photography.

Argyle Winery’s historic barrel room and cellar has been converted into a new Tasting House and hospitality center designed by SERA Architects. Photo by Andrea Johnson Photography.

Dundee, Oregon’s Argyle Winery, founded in 1987 and famed for its delicious sparkling wines, recently opened the Tasting House—an extension of its former winery (it has moved manufacturing elsewhere) and current tasting room, which is housed in an old Victorian House—partnering with Portland firm SERA Architects. Continue reading →

Throwback Thursday: The August Issue

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As we wrap up our September issue, we can’t help but think back on another of our yearly favorites—the August Products issue. It’s impossible to highlight all of the amazing products and their designers currently innovating our industry, but we gave it our best shot. Here are a few highlights, in case you missed them:

Trends: 3D Printing

We’re obsessed with the way that 3D printing is changing (or poised to change) myriad aspects of our lives, not the least of which is architecture and design.

A rendering of designer Adam Kushner’s upstate New York estate, which is being almost entirely 3D printed with the help of expert Enrico Dini of D-Shape.

A rendering of designer Adam Kushner’s upstate New York estate, which is being almost entirely 3D printed with the help of expert Enrico Dini of D-Shape.

5 Questions for Karim Rashid

The colorful industrial and interiors designer shares the places he finds inspiration and his upcoming projects.

Profile: Maria Cornejo

The noted fashion designer now has a collection with KnollTextiles—some of the offerings are inspired by her fashion lines. Continue reading →

(South) American Graffiti

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While on a recent trip to Bogotá to explore the city and the new W hotel there, we were treated to a graffiti tour of the city. If you, like me, think you know graffiti because you once bought a book about Banksy at an Urban Outfitters or saw Exit Through the Gift Shop, then your knowledge is merely scratching the surface of the longstanding art form.

The hotel’s design, by New York-based Studio Gaia, is an homage to Colombia’s most precious assets: its mining community (dark cavernous corridors lead to bright and light guestrooms); gold (accents throughout are an allusion to the city of gold); emeralds (Bogotá could be called the Emerald City as the majority of the precious stones are produced in Colombia); and, of course, graffiti (a mural in the W Lounge highlights this notorious art form).


Vertigo Graffiti’s mural in the W Lounge


“The Kiss of the Invisible”

Graffiti is so important in Bogotá, as it is in many urban cities, that the W called upon Vertigo Graffiti, a collective of seven well-known graffiti artists founded in 2008, to craft a mural in tribute to El Dorado. Continue reading →

A Different Perspective

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We like to think that we have many great issues a year, but one that we all look forward to is our Guest Editor issue in November. It’s the one time a year where we hand over the reins of the magazine to a brave designer (or duo, or foursome), and he/she/they choose everything that goes in the issue—starting with the overarching theme, down to the projects, people, and products included. The exercise not only allows the HD team to see the industry through the eyes of someone we respect (it’s always interesting and exciting to see who and what they pick and why), but it also hopefully gives our audience a different, perhaps fresh perspective from one of their peers. It’s a fun process—there’s a lot of back and forth, figuring out how to make great ideas translate on paper. Over the last six years, we have luckily had a who’s who of hospitality design agree to take this journey with us, including Roger Thomas, Chip Conley, David Rockwell, Clodagh, AvroKO, and George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg, and this year we have another amazing collaborator: Alexandra Champalimaud. Continue reading →

Product Designers on the Rise

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We see a lot of new products come across our desks. Sometimes we even get to feature the designers behind them, and it’s always fascinating to find out the origin story of these creators. For our August Products issue, we decided to take this a step further and talk to some product designers who are just starting out, finding so many that our pages couldn’t contain them all.

It’s inspiring (even for an old person like me) to see young people following their passions and coming up with new ways to create traditional products. Here, we talk to a few more of those emerging designers that you’ll undoubtedly be seeing more from in the years to come.

Leah Kenttämaa-Squires
Providence, Rhode Island


Stack by Leah Kenttämaa-Squires

Why did you want to become a designer?
I enjoyed how selecting objects and setting their arrangements can completely shift your perception of a room. Continue reading →